Frequently Asked Questions

How many bundles do I need for an install?
  • - It depends on the length. Anything 22” and under you can use 3 bundles. 24”-26” I recommend 4 bundles. 28” I recommend 5 bundles
Do you install frontal wigs?
  • - No I do not install wigs but if you’re in need of a hair stylist I can refer you.
What should I wash my bundles with?
  • - I recommend Suave Almond and Shea Butter. It’s in a green bottle.
Can I blow dry my bundles?
  • -You can but air drying them is better.
Do you dye/color hair?
  • -I do not dye/color hair. But if you want your hair colored I can give you the prices for someone who can.
What do I need to order if I want a unit?
  • Click “Pre-Made Units” I have a collection of units that I’ve created that you can choose from. If you don’t see anything you like (highly unlikely) then you can click “Create Your Own Rich Unit” and select your texture/length/ closure size from there.
How long does it take for a unit to be made?
  • - 7 to 10 business days.
How long is shipping?
  • -Up to 5 business days
Do you give refunds?
  • - Since each unit is custom made, I do not give refunds. Refunds are not given on bundles/closures/frontals either. Please be mindful of the items you are ordering before ordering them.
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