How many bundles do I need for an install?
  • - It depends on the length. Anything 22” and under you can use 3 bundles. 24”-26” I recommend 4 bundles. 28” I recommend 5 bundles
Do you install frontal wigs?
  • - No I do not install wigs but if you’re in need of a hair stylist I can refer you.
What should I wash my bundles with?
  • - I recommend Suave Almond and Shea Butter. It’s in a green bottle.
Can I blow dry my bundles?
  • -You can but air drying them is better.
Do you dye/color hair?
  • -Yes. Click the Custom Color option on the side menu and be sure to email info@richhairr.com with a picture for reference.
What do I need to order if I want a unit?
  • -I have provided options in the ‘Create Your Own Rich Unit’ to make purchasing your wig easier. For a short Unit you can click 14” Closure Units, For Medium lengths click 16” Closure Units and for Long lengths click 18” Closure Units. If you do not want the lengths I have provided then you can put your unit together on your own. First add your bundles/ bundle deal then your closure and then choose from the 3,4 or 5 Bundle Closure Units.
How long does it take for a unit to be made?
  • - 7 to 10 business days.
How long is shipping?
  • -Up to 5 business days after your payment has been processed (this takes 1-3 business days). All items ship priority (1-3 days) but I give a 1-2 day delay period for delays caused by the post office, because it does happen.
Do you give refunds? Do you exchange?
  • - Since each unit is custom made, I do not give refunds or allow exchanges. Refunds/Exchanges are not given on bundles/closures/frontals either. Please be mindful of the items you are ordering before ordering them. If you color your bundles on your own and they are not to your liking, I cannot fix your work. It is recommended that you order your custom color along with your hair.